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Curling Iron

We have hand picked our curling irons to suit the needs of the most demanding users. Whether you’re searching for a curling iron for professional, personal or for travel use we have the tools that you’re searching for.

In our selection you’ll find tools from the leading brands such as GHD Scandinavia and HH-Simonsen. Our most popular styling tool is GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand, this tool is also used by the world's leading stylists and hair salons.

When you curl your hair it’s important that you use heat protection spray for protection. This will make the curling more gentle towards your own hair or your extensions. It’s important that you read the instructions carefully before you curl your hair or your extensions.

We only sell real hair extensions, but if you use synthetic hair extensions make you cannot use any curling iron, hair straightener or blow dryer on them. But if you use our hair extensions all our styling tools will work on them as good as they work on your own hair.

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